Eau Claire Currents

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  1. What a great choice of music for the video: Erik Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1. The song is likely inspired by the J.P. Contamine de Latour poem "Les Antiques" ("The Ancients"), which includes the lines

    Oblique et coupant l'ombre un torrent éclatant
    Ruisselait en flots d'or sur la dalle polie
    Où les atomes d'ambre au feu se miroitant
    Mêlaient leur sarabande à la gymnopédie

    [Slanting and shadow-cutting a flickering eddy
    Trickled in gusts of gold on the shiny flagstone
    Where the atoms of amber in the fire mirroring themselves
    Mingled their sarabande with the gymnopaedia]

    -- the poem and the song and the sculpture all evoke similar feelings for me. Thanks, Roy!