My WHEEL OF TIME is featured in the middle of Annual Report 2012 from the Garrison Institute

My art THE WHEEL OF TIME is in the middle with all the people at the opening

the Ladies from above to show the pattern -- and as the weather becomes cold and all that is left is a vestige.

old and now a vestige.  November 5th, 2013

and the MAIDENS become LADIES OF THE LAKE in this video

a detail of the MAIDENS

a second video of the Maiden of the Lake.

first video of Maidens of the -- Lake October 3rd

and later at 3pm I finish putting on the grass collar -- making the MAIDENS OF THE LAKE.

now the MAIDENS are together all wearing their grass collar 

I carried the idea of making a work on the Hudson River and use mug-wart which is fine -- to Wisconsin at Big Cedar Lake where there is Coreopsis palmate that is fine also, this October 2nd

the twelve groupings of  coreopsis palmate are in place

COLLABORATIVE CONCEPTS Saunders Farm 2013 -- catalogue essay on Roy Staab and his environmental site installation SKYBOW

Collaborative Concepts @ Saunders Farm catalogue is out....and the last page that features art is the ECOARTSPACE COMMISSION INSTALLATION with an essay by Amy Lipton "...creating a perfect line drawing in space. The position of this centenary line was determined by the tall trees at either end. Suspended between the trees, the line moves gracefully as wind blows in the treetops, while the surroundings say stationary. 

COLLABORATIVE CONCEPTS Saunders Farm 2013 -- catalogue essay on Roy Staab and his environmental site installation SKYBOW

Skybow, 2013 was created by Roy Staab over a period of ten days beginning

on August 20th. Based in Wisconsin, Staab has traveled the globe for 30

years to make his elegant works in natural settings, which are first and

foremost created in response to the specific sites. He had the difficult task

of choosing his location just weeks ahead for Saunders Farm without the

usual time he needs to survey the landscape. He chose the pond, as he

prefers to work in the water for its movement and reflective surface as a

backdrop. The pond at Saunders is also a favored spot for a herd of Black

Angus cows that roam freely, the edge was trampled and the vegetation

was far from pristine. The water had an unpleasant odor, was brownish-

green and not at all transparent but Staab was determined to use this

location; he thrives on a challenge and wanted to traverse the entire span

of the pond with a suspended work.

Staab decided to make a 300 ft. long arc to cross the horizontal length

of the pond creating a perfect line drawing in space. The position of this

catenary line was determined by tall trees at either end. Suspended

between the trees, the line moves gracefully as wind blows in the treetops,

while the surroundings stay stationary.

Staab’s works always make use of accessible organic materials found on

site. In this area it was wild weeds - mugwort, goldenrod and reeds, which

he tied together with jute using an armature of sessile bailing twine. He

then painstakingly lays out the material to create the line, working quickly

with precision and taking good weather and sunlight to his advantage.

Being inventive, Staab borrowed a bow and arrow and shot the twine

across the pond in order to suspend it between the trees. This attempt

failed. He then tried the more difficult task of throwing a string with a

weighted rock, which took many tries but succeeded. On the opposite side

of the pond he climbed a 40 ft. tall tree to attach the line but the weight

of the length was the next engineering problem to tackle. The suspended weeds dry

out and shrink and the knots he makes in the jute made it tighter

but the line stretched out which caused it to sag. Eventually he achieved his

desired length and height of the line to create a visual tension centered in

the middle of the pond - away from the appetite of the cows.

A few days after the work was completed the curved line was hovering at

its lowest point, nearly touching the water after the rain. It swayed and

danced in the wind just above the surface. This is the effect Staab most

desires when Nature contributes to the beauty of his art. His works are

in and of their environment, as opposed to being about site or space.

They are not placed into a new context from which they are made, but

created in the setting, inseparable from it and only subtly distinctive. When

accomplished Staab studied Skybow from all angles and the changing light

during different times of the day. He then set up his camera and tried to

capture all of this in a perfect shot.

Staab intends for his ephemeral artworks to decompose slowly as in all of

nature. The continual changes of weather, wind and the toll of time will

eventually cause their demise. The fresh green materials begin to wilt and

turn dry and brown; showing the process of life and death and the cycle of

all living things.

Amy Lipton

Curator ecoartspace

ART ON THE FARM AND OUT IN THE OPEN -- the Phillipstown.info [Cold Spring, N.Y.] newspaper November 14, 2013

                       Art on the Farm and Out in the Open

                       October 9, 2013
                       Contemporary sculpture installations on view at Saunders Farm through
                       Oct. 26

                       By Amy Lipton



the Hudson River at high tide, 9:30, September 16th, at Little Stony Point, Cold Spring New York

my work-on-paper for the exhibition WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE.

BLACK MORNING GLORY for the lost solders 

where the exhibition is at the Paramount Theater, second floor 

the Exhibition WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE, at the Paramount Threatre, Peekskill, September 7th

Sculptures Big and Small, and All in the Open

‘The Farm Project 2013,’ at Saunders Farm in Garrison

first photographs of SKYBOW from the back of the pond near the tall thin tree where this side is attached.

This is right after it was attached to that far tree on Monday August 26th.
I was in the top of the tree, Peter and Herman pulled and pushed to get it up in place.  

SKYBOW more than a week old, September 7th

yes this is the cow pond.. August 29th

SKYBOW on Tuesday afternoon August 27th about 2:30 in the afternoon. while the New York Times was looking a the works in below fields I went up to check my work and then make this video.

SKYBOW a site specific installation sculpture made for the 'cow' pond by Roy Staab, completed August 26, 2013.  This is the next day, in the afternoon  after a night of heavy rain.   This art is part of the COLLABORATIVE CONCEPTS EXHIBITION on Saunders Farm, Garrison, New York.  opening reception is Saturday August 31st, 2 - 6.

the 'cow' pond at Saunders Farm August 3rd

choosing the pond for the 2013 Collaborative Concepts Farm exhibition -- first look

and the end of Wheel Of Time

out the verticals come. in 15 months
afternoon of August 22, 2013

the last of Wheel of Time August 2013

August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

my Wheel of Time in late spring 2013 as pieces come off..

late spring May 21, 2013
June 10, 2013

a year ago we did fundraising for a work at the Garrison Institute. it was made. in place for 15 months and then the remains taken away August 22, 2013.


I wanted to make a work on the Mississippi River. and I did LINE - TIME - CURRENT morning of July 29 on the Minnesota side of the river across form La Cross

LINE TIME CURRENT from Roy Staab on Vimeo.

three days of watching and almost missing and then waiting, tide to come in, or tide to go out. PAMET POINTING OUT TO SEA

PAMET POINTING OUT TO SEA from Roy Staab on Vimeo.

as I was encouraged to leave, I had one more work to make. PAMET POINTING OUT...Pamet Harbor, Truro, Cape Cod

in the early morning near high tide -- calm and before the boats 

and the biggest surprise of all the summer was the Provincetown Banner came an photographed and publish my free public work

YES! The whole back page of the front section.  WOW!

Pat Bruno made this video pan of Roy Staab's Ox Eye or Oeil-de-boeuf site specific sculpture

Pat Bruno made this video pan of Roy Staab's Ox Eye or Oeil-de-boeuf site specific sculpture from Roy Staab on Vimeo.

EYE OF THE OX. made August 12 in Provincetown. eye of the ox is a glass window for above the door of the 18th century

the of making OX EYE in Provincetown August 13 when the tide was still out. putting the last reeds in place and then I have to bind it with jute.

Peter Schlemowitz went to Art Omi to see what my ephemeral work looks like -- TRIANGLE...what is left is one line now


and originally in 2008  OMI Triangle

William Anderson photograph of CHIRAL FORMATION and the two stages of dismantling the work -- to see what variations can take place. July 15 & 16, 2013

William Anderson's  photograph July 6th

in the state of changes July 15th

the last phase July 16th and then good bye an empty pond

WHEEL OF TIME is published in Sculpture Magazine July issue 2013

teaching installation to art teachers at the Lynden Sculpture Garden

the making of 'installation with the art teachers
the piece finished after the students left

a week or so after  when the grass grew and the work is part of the land

Roy Staab getting the Efroymson Fellowhip, June 13, 2013

the new book on AMERICAN ART PARKS that I am published in

my Alfons Gallery Review.. http://expressmilwaukee.com/article-21544-art-meets-nature-at-alfons-gallery.html

my artist talk/tour of the Alfons Exhibition at the opening

video of ALFONS GALLERY exhibition June 2, 2013

Announcement for my Alfons Gallery exhibition opening June 2, 2013

Korea asked for a recent work with nature so I went out and thought and made something small and sensitive April 27th

me, Roy Staab in front of my work at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

a month later the museum purchased this piece

here is the video of SPECTICAL made in 2005 at Northwest Landing, East Hampton. of the work now in the Museum of Wisconsin Art collection

SPECTACTICAL is a 2005 work that I made in East Hampton, purchased by the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Opening of the New Museum of Wisconsin Art -- the room with my work..

opening of the New MUSEUM OF WISCONSIN ART. and my work on the wall in the first room - modern & contemporary

my work is the large one centered on the wall

the second work of mine that the Milwaukee Art Museum has that I went to see January 4, 2013 is a Cibachrome print of a 1991 installation made in Milwaukee

in their collection -- a very ephemeral drawing on the shore of Lake Michigan on the edge of Shorewood & Milwaukee

I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the current exhibition and see my work in their collection January 4, 2013

CHIRAL FORMATION in the snow March 8.. pristine snow but the ice moved and changed the lines...

CHIRAL FORMATION in the snow.. December 30th

Chiral Formation in the Snow from Roy Staab on Vimeo.

DOME IN THE SKY another version filmed on the new Sony camera.


   SKYBOW from outer space -- the fields of Saunders Farm, Garrison New York, September, 2013