BIG RED ROUND is re-hung to spin in the wind February 9th, 2015

the death flowers removed before the heavy snow fall
BIG RED ROUND dancing in the wind

January 28th, I re-installed BIG RED ROUND my yard 

returning to BECOMES A STAR ice skating over the site January 2, 2015

The installation BIG RED ROUND by Roy F Staab is no more.  It was suspended in the middle of the Jazz Gallery Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin from December 5th to January 3rd when it came down.....nature returns back to nature..

many, many of the Milwaukee Art connoisseurs came to the gallery this afternoon. and while they looked and talked I did this photograph of the installation from below.

I AM GALLERY SITTING MY SHOW TODAY DECEMBER 27TH UNTIL 5. this is The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, 926 E. Center Street, Milwaukee. 

My Gallery Talk at the Jazz Gallery Center reception December 12, 2014

December 14th, I was gallery sitting on Saturday and then it became dark with no patrons in the space I played with the lights to photograph the installation suspended from the ceiling. I fix the lighting so there's a shadow against the back wall.

Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel announcement

This is the gallery tonight December 11 with the new show
with the NEW works just from the printer.

VIDEO part two of NATURAL FORMS at the Jazz Gallery Center with new prints.
The reception is Friday December 12th.

Suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the gallery is the installation BIG RED ROUND
made of red dogwood.

NATURAL FORMS -- exhibition text

Here's my exhibition only the first week at the Jazz Gallery Center Dec 6-11th.

This is the exhibition of Roy Staab in the Jazz Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and how it is for the first week, with photographs of Roy Staab's installations on the walls and an installation suspended in the middle of the room made with RED dogwood -- installed December 5th, 2014.

the exhibition NATURAL FORMS begins at the Jazz Gallery Center December 5th




November 19th -- the party is over, today between the snow and the strong winds
how can I compete with nature?

November 19th, the party is over, it is time to call it a game, winter 
is here and the ice on my work and it is down with part in the water.

I came to photograph my work after a 10 day absence, winter is coming, and saw that the wind and storms have battered my work. So I walked out and lifted and adjusted the lines.  The water is very cold in November.

I call this work BECOMES A STAR after what happens with a reflection
and I made an overhead photograph.

October 22nd, this morning the field was white with frost. The sun came up bright. I went to the lake and it was almost calm, cold and calm, steam coming up on the south part; and there was my art in the shade on the east shore -- how nature does it's magic.

October 21st, cold water and thinking... yes I show that I use natural material. but the buckthone branches are too crooked. so I cut the tops off to only show the essence. that is what is important. did it last night near sunset or 6pm..had to walk into the cold water. nummmmm

The work that I made in Korea on the land sort of blended into the land. Mr. Ko suggested it might have been better over water. Back in Wisconsin I waited for the right time to work -- and here is the work over water. Horizontal [trees] did not work exactly here. so I made the center the highest. The fine reeds are supported by not so straight buckthorn are out of the water. The wind finally stopped [almost] and the fog rolled in. Early in the morning I got these magic images, magic for me and what nature has to offer. no title yet. Obok does not work in America only Korea.

Late afternoon October 10th, I simplify the work and lifted it out of the water on buckthorn branches.

I waited for the weather to warm up after a cold September. October 10th is the day I made this is the FIVE PETAL in situ sculpture on Big Cedar Lake on the shallow water by the gazebo off the grounds of the nursing home. I brought in the reeds and picked buckthorn for supports. I made the lines on the shore and brought them out to the site using the down wind direction for the first 'petal'. as you see the center is in the air and the outer parts floating on the surface of the water. With the strong wind the FIVE PETALS had a short life. one for me and then the camera. The iPad shoots video at different settings, I did not know that this would be so low a resolution.. this is all I have.

У Вінниці відкрили холодний міжнародний «Міфогенез»

В галереї «Арт-Шик» відкрилась виставка робіт митців з Франції, Ізраїлю, Німеччини, Польщі, Китаю та Швейцарії. Роботи представлені, як підсумок зимового міжнародного фестивалю land-art «Міфогенез».
In the gallery "Art Chic" the exhibition of works from France, Israel, Germany, Poland, China and Switzerland. His works are presented, as a result of the winter festival of international land-art «Mifohenez."

- Учасники фестивалю протягом лютого створювали робити і відправляли їх на спеціально створену електронну скриньку, - розповідає куратор фестивалю Олександр Никитюк. – З надісланого матеріалу створена експозиція і планується виставки протягом 2014-2015 років по Україні та за кордоном.
- Participants of the festival in February created to do and sent them to a specially created mailbox - says festival curator Alexander Nykytyuk. - With the submission set exposure and exhibitions planned for 2014-2015 years in Ukraine and abroad.

I need a new tool for overhead photographs.  Someone suggested a drone with a camera so I got one. Now to master flying it.  And what else do you need to guid and fly it, a smart phone.  The iPad does not work and breaks contact.

September 1st....I stayed an extra day to get good photographs of my work and a few other artists that had to leave.  Many days were cloudy or had rain.  A good photograph is the lasting document.  I met nice  people, gave a tour and photographed my work one last time.

I was asked to give the WELCOME address to the audience at the opening August 31st

AND opening evening between the press opening and the public opening we walked the 
sculpture park ground and took a photograph at Kazuya Iwaki and his students work 
Me, Raman Adone and Andi Ramdani

The catalogue for the GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE 20014 my pages

The invitation the title of the GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIANNALE

the day before the opening one group of Koran artist were behind
to get there work done, I help them -- this is a group show

The evening of August 27th we had a surprise and wonderful party after a long day of 
working. The Japanese students were there so I put on my yukuta 浴衣 for fun and them. 

August 24th, interview at my work with Sung-ho Kim

August 24th, photographing over the center of the my Obok

August 22, 2014  from the ladder in the front my Obok

August 18th another chance to make a video driving to my Obok

August 14th was a busy day, and a moment to make a video of my Obok

when to get the best photograph of the work?? one day in the rain..made the trees dark..

August 12th, 2014 -- Dennis Milusheve helped me a few days making my work

August 11th, 2014 

August 14th -- here is my work two days ago. now it is changed more...I cut the branches that go
down because the theme is HORIZONTAL TREES.  I want all of the branches to go out or up.



video that that the Geumgan staff made for the opening reception 

   behind the restaurant/cafe office in the woods is where I harvested five chestnut trees for my work

August 8, 2014  This is my site that I just prepared for my work at Gongju, Korea

August 6th, 2014  After finishing today's work  Roy Staab (USA) and Tiiu KIRSIPUU (Estonia)

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2014 -- in Gongju, Korea

August 1, 2014

Published on Jul 11, 2014
Starting from the point that I first found this grove of silver aspens

Published on Jun 27, 2014 In the mine disaster of 1926, miners were trapped at various levels -- the inspiration of this installation in Miner's Park, Ironwood, Michigan. It is made of invasive buckthorn gathered from nearby, drilled and pegged and tie to the trees on either side of the path. 


making art takes time.  and then I watch and wait for the right light..the work is done June 26th

I am making LEVELS OF WAITING on the Miner's Trail, in Ironwood, Northern Michigan.  It is a positioned over the trail at a summit going through a grove of  silver aspens and flanked by forest ferns; June 24th.  I sketched out the placements of the triangles with string. this is the first of four.