the text on Roy Staab for the Polish Catalogue of - Poruszające prądy, 5 Land Art Festiwal / landart.lubelskie.pl

English: the Bug River Meanders Where the river flows slowly, trend is weak, which is in the middle course, usually formed meanders. As time passed, they move towards the mouth, they can become oxbow lakes. There pets can enjoy the benefits of a mild ecosystem. But only briefly, then oxbow lake overgrown with vegetation and disappears. This year's Land Art Festival also had its oxbow lakes - this could be described as works that in nature have a beginning, have become an integral part of it. In the water, in the middle of mainstream, it has placed its implementation entitled MOVING CURRENTS, Roy Staab (USA). Braided twine reeds and branches represent here openwork design, mimicking his tangle of river currents. The measure flow is sort of a prohibited ground, but also anyone's, but while creating jobs territorial claims reported by Polish and Belarusian border guards. This subtle, reflecting in the water work, visible from both sides, seems to ignore political order and return to the eternal order of nature. Construction elements intertwine and unravel currents mix, and the animals, not paying attention to the political border, exist where it is convenient to them. Also beavers, which - apparently interested in the implementation - repeatedly violated it.

the video of Roy Staab - Poruszające prądy, 5 Land Art Festiwal / landart.lubelskie.pl


the video of all the artist in the 5th Earth Art festival in Poland July 2015

Zapraszamy na premierowy pokaz filmu ze spaceru wernisażowego.Dziękujemy Jarkowi i Stepanowi, że potrafili ogarnąć to wszystkoi ponownie zauroczyć nas swoimi obrazami.

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