Will Walkers article on Meandering Moment in Ptown Art mag 2102

Chiral Formation in August at the Lynden Sculpture Garden

Kat Murrell interviews Roy Staab at Lynden Gardens

preparing for the Lynden Sculpture

this turned out to be the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel's newspaper photograph

Chiral Formation @ the Lynden Sculpture Garden finished

the wheel of time. after the heavy snow..

the wheel of time.. winter. mario's photo

the WHEEL OF TIME after Mario fixed it for me

wheel of time. 5 months old before the snow.

wheel of time, in the fall

opening at the Garrison May 30, 2012

opening at the Garrison from above

opening at the Garrison, Amy Lipton is talking

Photo: Thanks to everyone for the wonderful turnout last night, I was amazed to see so many friends and familiar faces (even a few from NYC) last night at the Garrison Institute. Roy really outdid himself this time, "Wheel of Time" is one of his best! It just went by too fast, I'm already thinking about another event there - the piece should last quite a while.

the beginning of WHEEL OF TIME

Photo: and from the balcony a bit above.
from the balcony — at at Garrison Institute between the building and the Hudson River

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 'artists of the year'

Photo: today the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel published the MILWAUKEE ARTS BOARD -- artist of the year 2012.. that is me and Antler the poet.


poster for Nurturing Nature exhibition at Albright College

my award

ME visual artist of the year. Milwaukee Arts Board

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POND BURST [with water]

MONITOR at St. John the Devine exhibiton

RECLINING HOUR is one of my two photographs presented on the monitor in the exhibition Value of Water, at the Cathedral of St. John the Devine in New York City.




CHAISE ÎLE is a site specific installation sculpture made for the damaged Bayou Bienvenue at the top of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The sculpture is made of tall bamboo with cantenary lines made of bundled blood-weed [harvested from the land near the site].  December 12, 2011

Pond Burst